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Margravine Palavar

A Royal Hussy

23 November 1976
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aesthetic movement, alexandria va, amanda filipacchi, americana, animals in general, art deco, art nouveau, arts & crafts movement, avocadoes, beadboard, black books, black phoenix alchemy lab, blackberries, boots, bpal, buffy the vampire slayer, bustle skirts, cab calloway, camp meeting communities, cats, chickpeas, chihuahuas, chipotle tabasco, closet goth, coen brothers, colette, concord grapes, copper, corvids, cottages, craftsman farms, design, dethklok, docenting, douglas adams, drop bears, earl grey, edward gorey, edwardian era, edwardian fashion, electric six, entomology, father ted, feng shui, frederick law olmsted, ganesha, gay wizard porn, genealogy, gerald durrell, gosford park, graphic design, grim fandango, grits, gustav stickley, h.h. munro, hackers the movie, harry potter, haydn, historic preservation, history, hogwarts, house museums, house tours, i-95, imperial drag, infocom, invertebrates, james mcneill whistler, jane austen, john singer sargent, jonny lee miller, kale, kaya lily, libraries, luna parc, malacology, maniac mansion, martha stewart, metalocalypse, millipedes, miss peppermint, monkey island, morris county, mother love bone, mount tabor nj, muscadet, museums, nectarines, new jersey, nj diners, non-chain restaurants, not having cable, oil popped popcorn, old homes, orientalism, otters, painted ladies, painting, papadam, pointless erudition, poppies, ravenclaw, reading, regency period, road trips, rodents, route 53, saki, sam and max, sashimi, savannah, savannah ga, sidney bechet, slugs, smithsonian, son jarocho, south of the border, southern food, sow bugs, spinach, stickley museum, sushi, sweet potatoes, sweet tea, taking walks, the gilded age, the league of gentlemen, the mighty boosh, the peep show, used bookstores, usonian homes, vector graphics, vegetarian cooking, victorian clothing, victorian era, victorian fashion, victorian houses, victoriana, victorians, vinegar, vintage jewelry, w.c. handy, wacom tablets, waffle house, washington d.c., wfmu, wine, wood, zoology, zoos